The Ultimate Window
& Door Selling Tool

Transform your business and start using the power of pricepoint


No internet connection required

Full of amazing features and benefits, pricepoint gives installers the chance to sell to their customers online


Simple & intuitive to use

Change is never easy which is why we have made pricepoint simple and intuitive to use, enabling you to be confident right from the start.


Endless product types

Literally millions of product types to choose from including bifolds, casements, aluminium, composites, flush, vertical sliders, tilt and turns combined with building works.


Professional presentation

Fabulous high definition imagery brings your products to life.


Manufacturing Intelligence™

At its heart is the power of manufacturing intelligence that guides the user through product constraints.


Catering for a wide range of pricing options

Pricepoint provides numerous pricing options to suit your needs. You can load pricepoint with your detailed costs, adjust pricepoints in-built costs or input costs directly from your pricelist.


Create sales winning quotations

Make pricepoint yours by adding your company logos – professional presentations and professional quotes in an instant.

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